20 Crazy Wierd Shoes That Ladies Put On That Kinda Looks Cool

1. Fish Shoes

2. The Dragon Oriental

3. Spiked Creature Boots

4. Hooved Goat Boots

5. “Pistol Whipped” 8-inch Platform Boots

6. Stripe “Zombie Pinup” PumpsVinyl “Transylvania” Candelabra Skull Boots

Vinyl “Transylvania” Candelabra Skull Boots

7. Skull Purgatory Pump Heels

8. Secret Garden Fairyland Platforms

9. Octopus Shoes

10. Jurassic Pumps

Jurassic bump

11. Alice Malice Wonderland Pumps

12. R2D2 LED Pumps

13. Faux Fur Claw Boots

14. Distressed Blood Lust Pumps

15. Miniature Rainbow Bear Heels

16. Frankenstein Spiked Platforms

17. Whale Tail Shoes

18. Grass Sandals

19. Duck Shoe

20. Anti-gravity “Royalty” Curved Gold Leaf Wedges

Anti-gravity “Royalty” Curved Gold Leaf Wedges

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