[Comedy] The Boy And The Rich Man.

A young boy met a very rich business man and asked him”sir, what is the secret of your success?” and he replied, “boy, you have to use your number 6 in 6 ways”. The boy was so surprised and asked him “sir, how in 6ways?” he further replied “I only do business 6 times in a year,
1. I sell bags of rice during d xmas season,
2. I sell children clothes duringchildren’s day celebration,
3. I sell poultry during the easter celebration period,
4. I sell condoms on valetine day,
5. I sell indian hemp on Bob marley’s rememberance day. So, you see why i am successful?” the boy asked “sir, you did not tell me the 6th” he then smiled and said ”
6. I go on VACATION” the boy asked”VACATION? To where?” The man replied ” yes I normally on vacation go to jail”. cheesy


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