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Top 5 Ways to make money from your website?

make money online through website

Making money online isn’t easy but it is possible. These 5 tips might be of help

1. Google Adsense

google adsense

Adsense is an advertisement system that allows publishers (including bloggers and website owners) to make money online. Setting up an adsense account is very easy. You just have to put a little code on your site and this code will generate ads on your site.

Once you sign up, Google will place a simple advert on your site that will identify the content of your site and will start displaying relevant ads. For example, if your niche is about Fashion, Google Adsense will start showing your visitors stuffs about Gown, Shoes, and Clothes.

You get paid each time someone clicks on the ads. You get paid when a user click the ads, you don’t have to sell anything, tell others to do stuff, all they have to do is click the ads. The amazing thing is that Google pays you 68% of what the advertisers pay them, isn’t that cool?


Please, do not click your own link or tell others to do it because will surely figure that out, and therefore disable your account


How to apply for Google Adesnese

Before applying for Google Adsense, please make sure you keep up with their terms of service before you can get approved e.g. creating a good looking site, creating original, articulate and useful content. Contact me we’ll discuss that.


 2. Sell your own Products

sell your products online

Sharing your products directly is one of the most amazing way to make money online, that’s because you don’t have to share money to any middle man for helping you with transaction.

The fact is that selling your products is not that simple in reality but it’s possible. Creating good products that are well made and require a lot of time and resources. Here are some few steps you can follow to create a perfect online store.

  1. Develop the product – You need to have idea of what you want to sell You also need a well-designed, persuasive landing page to make sure your products has a strong conversion rate.
  2. Show your product
  3. Find buyers
  4. Choose distribution methods
  5. Write some marketing plans

Never be afraid to start selling your products online, because it’s one amazing way of making money online. If we haven’t the best, we can make the best of what we have. A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular, easiest and quickest way to make money from your website or blog. Start by finding a product you like (books, technology, fashion, education, sport). Then on your website, you promote the products or you can email it to your subscribers. If your visitors likes the products, they can visit the affiliate link and purchase the products.

List of affiliate program you can join

  1. Click bank – This is an online retailer for digital products. If you have a clickbank account as an affiliate you can promote hundreds of thousands of products on the clickbank platform, all you have to do is get people to click the link, buy and you get paid. I know it’s sounding interesting. There are a lot of stuff you can choose to market like how to lose weight, how to make money, latest software. They have all kinds of stuff you just have to choose the one related to your niche.
  2. Commission junction – CJ is an affiliate marketing network design to help company owners expand their brands, but as a publisher you too can earn successfully by promoting their products/services. They have a lot of leads, they’ve got stuffs from funds, shoes, web hosting and on and on we go.. Try it out its amazing. CJ is quite amazing, they’ve got everything. Now it’s really tough, you got to get approve to for each offer but when you are in there you got to maximize the opportunity.


4. You can sell Ad space

sell ads space

One simple way to make money from your website is by selling your ads space. You can sell your ad space to companies looking to sponsor different blog and you can earn cool cash from doing that.

The good thing is that, If your website gets a ton of traffic from different source, you can at least earn up to $1000 per month! But the bad part is that if your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can’t expect to earn much.

Website to sell your ad space

  • Buysellads
  • Adsella
  • Advertise Space
  • Project wonderful

5. CPA Networks

cpa marketing image

CPA network is a network that focuses mainly on cost-per-Action advertising. It is a type of affiliate marketing, but it focuses of leads over sales unlike affiliate marketing, but not exclusively. It’s a great way to generate a lot of leads or sales really fast. Here are some CPA networks you can find delightful.

  1. Max bounty

max bounty CPA marketing tips

This is an affiliate network that has download, zip submit, email submit, all kind of offers you can think of. Since it’s a CPA (Cost Per Action) network, you can invite your friends to click, download, fill out a form, call a number or whatever and you get paid, you don’t have to go through the stress of selling stuff. This one is really easy and nice, Try it out.

2. Clickbooth

clickbooth cpa affliate

Clickbooth connects advertisers with a product or services with affiliates who are experts in all forms of digital marketing and capable of driving high quality traffic on a cost per action (CPA) basis through native, social, mobile display, email, search and contextual channels. One amazing thing about clickbooth is that you can still apply for it even if you don’t have a website. During the form, you can simply put as an acceptable answer.



There are a lot of ways to make money online all you have to do is prepare yourself, join our facebook group to get latest tips on how to make money online, and you can do well to have your website. If you need a website click here.

Remember, the decision to succeed or not is your own choice. You have the power to either embrace success or failure, the choice is absolutely yours.

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